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Most companies can use HMRC's CATO system to file their tax returns. However, many others are not permitted to use it and these companies can file their accounts using BC Easyfiler. There are a number of reasons why HMRC may not allow a company the use of the system and we will soon be producing some information on some of the reasons and things to look out for.

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The system takes the place of the old pdf and/or paper form. HMRC also require you to attach a set of accounts and a computation (showing the link between the profit in the accounts and the figures in the form. Most of the time these documents need to be in iXBRL format, although some charities and unincorporated organisations can use pdf accounts, check this link for details. iXBRL is nothing to do with the layout of the information, but a file format that is readable by computers as well as people. It looks like a set of accounts in a web page, however each figure has an invisible tag that says, for example This is the current year turnover. Some accounts systems, such as VT Final Accounts, may generate these, or your accountant may be able to provide them. If not we can produce them manually from a set of your accounts. The costs, in addition to the £15 for filing, are:

  • Micro-entity accounts - £25
  • Small company accounts - £40
  • Larger accounts, by quotation - £150 to £250

It normally takes no more than 24 hours to create a micro or small set of accounts.

To create the documents, we will need a full set of accounts. That is a balance sheet and a profit and loss account for current and prior years, plus a detailed profit and loss account and any information required to calculate the tax. This is normally any disallowed costs, information on capital allowances and losses brought forward. Also, a note of your UTR will be useful. If you don't understand these things you may wish to have a look at our simplified tax guide (Coming Soon). Send the information to with a request if you wish us to do a conversion.

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